If you are interested in booth rental at Shag, contact us through the website contact page by clicking here  for the quickest response. You can also call Natasha Klages directly at 832-264-0574 as well.

Booth Rental at Shag


  • High quality retail lines for sale
  • Discounts on products
  • Specialized classes
  • ​High quality professional education
  • Convenient, high traffic location near major intersection, food and banking
  • ​Gift card system


Shag was established by an experienced stylist who understands the value of time with your clients. Hair stylists and spa service providers have long ago figured out that time is money. Your time is valuable, and it produces its highest returns when you are with your clients, not doing towels (laundry), answering the phone to book appointments or collecting payments. Do you want to work 4 days a week? How about 3? Maximizing your time is the answer.

This is the premise Shag was founded on. Giving you the most time with your clients, where you can make the most money as efficiently as possible.

Shag is unique in this area. High producing service providers with established clientele can offload all the non revenue producing tasks to Shag staff and focus on providing the best service to their clients. Occasionally, Shag has limited commission positions available as a way for stylists to develop a book of business with the end goal being booth rental at Shag. 

  • Booth Rental starting at $650/mo.*
  • Fully staffed reception area for client check in
  • Phone number for clients to call to book
  • General cleaning, towels laundered*
  • Client check out
  • ​Electronic access after hours, come and go as you please
  • Secure premises, video surveillance for public areas
  • Full access to Rosy salon software included, with mobile access!!
  • Wifi for you and your clients

*Your booth rental agreement with Shag covers the leased space and access to the premises. Additional services, some of which are listed above are not part of your lease agreement. You may opt out of any or all additional services, and Shag has no ongoing obligation to provide these services. Shag has full time and part time station rental options, subject to availability.